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  • Why Datawatch?

    by Michael Morrison

    Michael MorrisonI joined Datawatch in February as President and CEO, and since then I’ve been asked this question countless times.  I see Datawatch as an undiscovered “gem.”  A unique technology solution that solves real business problems – quickly and economically.  A loyal and passionate customer base that really understands the value we bring to business.  And dedicated employees that are committed to success.

    I saw these same characteristics in Applix, when I joined in 2004.  At Applix, we were able to expose its value to the market at large, and created significant value for customers, employees and shareholders alike.  I see an even bigger opportunity here with Datawatch.  

    As I looked in to Datawatch’s business, I became convinced there is a sizable opportunity to aggressively grow the company and bring Datawatch’s unique report analytics solutions to more and more organizations worldwide.  There were three areas that became a tipping point for me: the market need, the passionate (almost cultish) customer base and Datawatch’s software offerings.

    Market Need

    In my more than 20 years in the business analytics space, I hear a constant refrain: “It’s reporting, stupid.”  Whether an organization has no business intelligence system, a sophisticated business intelligence system, a large data warehouse or, most often, a collection of different reporting systems, business users still struggle with the ability to get the meaningful data they need – quickly, easily and without unduly burdening costly IT resources.

    The problem is that traditional business intelligence systems deliver significant value, but only around the data that exists in relational databases.  All the other data an organization creates – “canned” ERP reports, invoices, PDFs, transactional data – cannot be easily leveraged by business intelligence applications.

    One common solution to this challenge is to embark on a large data warehouse or enterprise reporting project.  This can take years to implement, tie up significant internal and external resources and cost a tremendous amount of money.  Some studies and analysts point to the “average” data warehouse or enterprise reporting project running to $4 million.

    A knee-jerk reaction to the problem of “bad reporting” is to throw out the reports that exist in the organization and start from scratch.  But, oftentimes, all the information an organization needs to make business decisions and respond to market and customer demands is available in those existing reports – it’s just too difficult to access, integrate and analyze that information from the existing reports and report formats.

    That’s where Datawatch comes in.  We leverage an organization’s investments in reports and reporting processes – and create real value from these investments.  We complement the traditional business intelligence solutions and serve as the “glue” to complete an overall enterprise reporting strategy  We add “report analytics” to traditional “database analytics” for a complete business analytics solution.

    Report analytics unlocks the valuable corporate information trapped in static reports and brings it into the strategic decision-making process.

    Datawatch has passionate customers

    I discovered this at Applix: a product does not have to be a well-known brand name to have a passionate and loyal customer base.  Datawatch has 40,000 organizations with nearly 500,000 business users that rely on Monarch to model their reports and business documents.

    When I speak with Datawatch customers, their commitment to Monarch is evident.  Some statements that I have heard from customers include:

    “Monarch is the air we breathe.”

    “Monarch is our accounting department’s right hand.”

    “When our executives ask for new data, they automatically ask if it can be done in Monarch.  The answer is always yes.”

     Datawatch has unique technology

    Datawatch’s products – the Monarch Report Analytics platform, Monarch Report Manager on Demand and Monarch Report Mining Server – offer a unique approach to analytics.  We really don’t have any direct competitors in the report analytics space.  Our approach to analytics is vastly different than all the traditional business intelligence vendors.  We are a great complement to the traditional vendors’ solutions – and our customers support this view.  That’s why we oftentimes find our solution working together with solutions from QlikTech, IBM/Cognos, SAP/BusinessObjects, Oracle and Microsoft.  The complementary nature of our solutions and approach offers us a great opportunity as a company.  One we here at Datawatch intend to exploit

    With these three strong, compelling attributes of the company, a renewed focus on a strategic marketing vision and commitment to excellent sales execution, Datawatch has a great future ahead of it.
    – Michael




3 Responses to “Why Datawatch?”

  1. DataExploiter said on

    Reading this exciting post and working almost 20 years for Fortune 500 companies exploiting Report Analytics I can’t help but draw parallels with this post to a new movie coming out called Money Ball.

    Widely acclaimed author Michael Lewis ((Princeton and London School of Economics) wrote this excellent non fiction book money ball back in 2003. I hope the movie does the book justice.

    Movie Trailer:

    Datawatch is like the baseball team managed by Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) that has a better way of ” Winning an Unfair Game” with no money/ resources to compete. Billy Beane’s management team were ridiculed and not taken serious. But they had a better approach of doing more with less and in short time their approach was so successful they changed the way the game was played.

    Datawatch like Billy Beane and his team have the same opportunity to reinvent the system that was believed to be working for years.
    Hopefuly Datawatch will help reinvent the system that was believed to be working for years. Like Brad Pitt says at the end of the trailer “we will change the game.” And history shows the game was recently changed by the heretical theories championed by Billy Beane’s Oakland As.

    Undervalued = Report Analytics

    Overvalued = ineffective new modules or software, expensive consultants that don’t want to leave, data warehousing, new reporting systems ,query tools, new corporate departments with cool project names, tee shirts, stress balls, freebies, and those parties and lunches sponsored by vendors.

    Warning (seriously) … be ready for a contentious covert struggle from the insecure over paid ineffective establishment as you indirectly or directly question the value destruction of their bureaucratic approaches.

    Good Luck

  2. DataExploiter said on

    resistance to report analytics:

    Again from the trailer Moneyball, quotes are from trailer my response without

    “in their mind your threatening the way they do things … the first guy through the wall always gets bloody”

    My understanding and rationale for the resistance experienced introducing RA over the many years

    “we got to think differently”
    “your goal shouldn’t be to buy players .. your goal should be to buy runs.. in order to buy wins you need to buy runs”

    My response your goal shouldn’t be to buy more software but your goal should be to buy actionable information from data that provides results with the highest return on your investment

    “reinvent a system that has been working for years”

    but at what cost creating and maintaining these systems with negative returns

    “your discounting what scouts have done for years”

    no just looking to improve what has been done

  3. DataExploiter said on

    Sorry forgot the the link to the movie trailer

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